8 gifs of yulsic requested by anonymous 

Why is Sica called maomao? I saw it recently and don't understand why they call her that. Hope you answer this :)
berkry ASKED

this is a nickname given to her by Chinese Sones. I think they’re referring to “JessiCat”. since mao means cat.  as sometimes she is drawn as a cute kitty by some fan artists. please correct me if I’m wrong :).

hope this answers your question.

actually there’s another explanation. it means “hair”? lol… something about her blonde hair… i’m not sure anymore haha.


Yulsic Moment at INA concert tour 130914

Love this Moment


130914 YulSic in Jakarta (source: woorissica) #fanart #SNSD #yulsic


130526 Incheon Airport Departure - Yuri & Jessica (YulSic)